Unique Processes

Cathy can accommodate the most unique requests.  Take a look at the unique requests and satisfied clients below! 

A Unique Mat Treatment

The client asked to use magazine pages with images from St. Paul's Cathedral in Pittsburgh for the mat. 


Framed article

Detail of the "magazine page" mat. 

Civil War family historical display

My great great grandfather, Henry Cook served in the 139th Regiment of the Pennsylvania Volunteers. The shadow box contains buttons from his uniform. The bottom right button is that of the Army Corps of Engineers.


Pin depicting Company K and 139th Regiment is shown at left, and daguerreotype on the right.


A letter on the left is written in German from Camp Pierpont to a friend.  A receipt on the right is for a package delivery in 1863.  A daguerreotype of the soldier shown with his gun below is above the receipt.

Great Great Grandfather Henry Martin Cook's rifle.

Great Great Grandfather Henry Martin Cook's rifle.


LED Backlight Project

Client Laura Grunert from Jane of All Trades brought another challenge into the shop. Laura has provided many opportunities to learn new ways to frame unusual pieces of art. This was a 24" square piece of 1/8" stained glass that she wanted illuminated, using back lighting.

The usual LED tape lighting around the inside of the frame was not acceptable, since that would have created a dead dark space in the center. A fellow framer, Diane Transue, suggested a company called Photo Glow, which makes custom lighting for photos and other type of artwork. It worked great. The light comes with a remote, which can be used as a dimmer as well.

Finished glass tile lit.  


The original glass tile - a 24" square piece of 1/8" stained glass to be illuminated

Framed piece unlit

Back of framed piece